The Best Sex Toys She’d Never Think of

“Find the best sex toys”

Most women know what they want in bed. Many naughty dating sites will try and tell you that a woman needs to be guided in bed, but that’s rarely the case; women know what they want, and they’re usually happy to tell you exactly what they want. The problem is sometimes they just don’t realize that certain things would be amazing in bed because they’ve never been exposed to them, not all naughty dating sites reveal tricks of the trade. Maybe you’ve got more experience, or maybe you’ve read the right naughty guide to know exactly what would be up her alley. Whatever the case, sometimes the woman you’re with wants to know about the best sex toys in bed, and you’ve got an arsenal waiting to make her evening out with you amazing. Learn more about naughty dating by reading the Naughty Dating How to Guide Complete with Site Reviews . Get the strategies to date naughty women at

Feathers and Teasers

“Feathers can be used as a fun sex toy”

Even if you don’t have a feather lying around, these are inexpensive and easy to buy at most craft stores. Feathers can be an amazing addition to the bedroom as they are an easy, light way to bring some fun into your foreplay. Rather than just focusing on what your own hands and mouth can do, it can be a lot of fun to tease her by using a feather, especially around her nipples and down her belly. There’s a lot that can be done down her thighs, too, and she’ll be squirming and shivering by the time comes for you two to get down to business.

Not every naughty guide is going to suggest that you let her try it on you, but we’ll be the first to make it clear that it’s an amazing idea. Letting her have the power when you stretch back into bed and let her tease you is an idea that many men seem to pass over for one reason or another, but there’s no doubt that she’ll enjoy the chance to tease you a bit with the feather that she thought was all for her. You might find yourself enjoying it far more than you thought you would, and that’s always an exciting position to be in.

If you don’t have a feather within easy access, there’s always a ribbon, or even the teasing use of an unused feather duster that might be lying around. This can be pretty exciting if she decides to dress up as the maid, and you can have some fun role-play tosses into the mix as well. In general, it’s hard to miss when it comes with teasing her into being extremely excited about the sex that’s to come.

Explorations into Cross-dressing

“Cross dressing looks hot on some men”

Lingerie has long been considered a ‘sex toy’ in the bedroom by men and women alike. Perhaps it’s less of a toy and more of a tool, but there isn’t a naughty guide out there that isn’t going to tell you not to bring some lingerie into the mix. That being said, it doesn’t always have to be your woman that’s dressing up to look sexy for you. Many women are actually extremely turned on by the idea of men cross-dressing and wearing lingerie, but they might be too shy to bring it up–or maybe, they’ve just seen it in passing and didn’t think about it again until now.

If this is right up your alley and hers as well, then you should definitely try to bring this into the bedroom for an evening that she is never going to forget. Remember, cross-dressing doesn’t mean that you have to act like a woman in the slightest. Many women thoroughly enjoy larger, fit men wearing women’s lingerie because of the aesthetic that it brings about. They will also be pretty enthusiastic about the idea of having sex while their man is still wearing that lingerie, so give it a try if she seems interested in in the idea. As always, talk to her first to find out exactly what she is into, but in general, many women will at least be open to the idea, so it is definitely worth a shot.

The Helpfulness of Pillows

“This fight would be more awesome without clothes”

Many women don’t realize how much more comfortable their sex lives would be if they actually utilized pillows. These are a very simple fix and an amazing sex aid (or toy, as many would say) for many issues when it comes to finding the right position to have sex in. The simple use of pillows can really change the angle of some positions, and turn painful or mediocre into something utterly amazing for them.

One of the best ways to utilized pillows in the bedroom (other than for sleeping, of course!) is to prop up one or two underneath your woman’s lower back. This will help lift up her body and make for a much better angle of penetration for you, and make it a lot less likely that you will end up hitting her cervix. This makes sex much, much more comfortable for her, and you will find that the two of you have to stop much less due to her discomfort. She will probably be blown away by how much this helps out, and really insist on doing it every time that the two of you decide to have sex in the missionary position.

Mirrors and a Bird’s Eye View

There are a lot of couples out there that don’t realize how sexy it can be to watch themselves while they’re having sex, and many women are actually a little self-conscious about the idea. That being said, if you can reassure your woman that she’s one of the sexiest women you’ve ever seen, she’s going to believe it. Giving her that confidence boost can only lead to more good things in the bedroom for both of you, and that means you might be able to convince her to have a mirror in the vicinity so the two of you can watch yourselves while you’re having sexy.

Mirrors can add a whole other level of intimacy that previously wasn’t available to the both of you. Many naughty guides aren’t going to mention this sort of thing, because they realize that a lot of women are very self-conscious. That being said, there are just as many women out there that would be into seeing themselves while they are having sex, so propose the idea and see what happens. The worst she can do is say that she’s not into it.

There are a ton of different sex toys out there that a lot of women would be much more into if they knew about the uses of them in the bedroom. These are more unconventional uses of common things that you probably just have sitting around in the house, and they will still give your sex life that naughty spark that you’re really looking for. Give some of these things a try–or at least, bring it up to your woman to see what she thinks about them–and see if any of these works into your new bedroom adventures in the meantime. With any luck, she’ll be really into these kinds of things, and want to try even more with you in the future. The best news of all is that there are a ton of toy ideas that we didn’t even list here, so the sky’s the limit.


A Gifting Guide: How to Spoil Your Mistress without Screwing Up

“Plan a night with champagne”

Having a mistress can be a tricky thing to manage, especially if it is your first time cheating on your wife. There isn’t exactly a tell-all guide out there that gives you the dos and don’ts when it comes to how to cheat. Knowing what kind of gift to get your mistress can be a tricky business, and you may be tempted to just try to forego getting her anything because of your confusion. Obviously, this will save you a lot of time, money, and frustration. However, giving her presents and spoiling her is an important aspect of the affair, since it will help keep her sticking around for a good long while. Whether you meet women in person or on the top married dating sites, it is important to know how to get her the perfect gifts so that you can please her. However, you can definitely go wrong with the gifts that you choose to give to your mistress. You do not want to get her the wrong thing and wind up insulting her or just underwhelming her.

There are tons of things that you need to keep in mind when you want to give a gift to your mistress. You need to know what kind of gift you should get her, what kind of gift you should never get her, how much money you should be spending on the gift, and why discretion matters. Getting a gift for a married mistress is never really that easy, but once you read this guide, it will also not be that hard.

What Kind of Gift to Give Her

“Get her a real gift”

It’s not always easy to know what kind of gift to give to your mistress. You are dating, but not quite, since there’s a level of secrecy to the entire thing. You likely are not young anymore, so some gifts might seem immature. If you are dating a married woman it can be even more difficult to know what you should and should not get her. You never really know what is really appropriate and what might wind up getting her caught by her husband. There are tons of things that you need to consider and it can become overwhelming quickly. It may be strange to go through all this effort for a mistress, but unless you met her on a downright terrible site like, it is always going to be worth the effort.You can check this comparison guide and read a review here: Perversions Review: A Hot Site to Score with British Marrieds?Find out the top five dating sites to date married women and get some exciting gift ideas to woo them.

You should always try to keep her personal preferencesin mind when you choose a gift. This goes for any woman, not just a mistress. Getting her the best and most discreet gift will not mean anything if she doesn’t actually like it. Remember that it is best to buy small gifts instead of one large gift, and you should never buy anything that she cannot explain away to her husband if he becomes suspicious. Discretion is important for both you and for her, so you should always keep in mind.

What Type of Gift to Avoid

“Terrible gift idea”

There are some gifts you should just never give to your mistress. These gifts are usually a bad idea all around and you will definitely regret it, especially if you met the woman you are having an affair with on a top married dating site. You don’t want to drive her away by giving her a gift that is inappropriate or not good enough, so while it will take some effort it is definitely worth working on learning what to avoid. You also do not want to risk getting caught by her husband by giving her a gift that is too obvious or expensive for her to a spot on her own. Knowing this may not really help you decide what kind of gift you should not get her, but there are some things that you should definitely always avoid. Avoid buying her expensive jewellery or lingerie. These are things that she will not really be able to explain to her husband and they are definitely not good gift ideas.

How Much Money to Spend

Budget can be another thing you might not be certain about, especially if you cannot get away with spending too much money on your mistress without your wife getting suspicious. Some of this might depend on how much you are willing to spend on your mistress to begin with. If you met her on a poor-quality site like, she may not be worth all that extra effort. However, if she came from a better site then you probably want her to stick around and you may wind up spending more moneyon her gifts. No matter what type of mistress she is or where you met her, you should keep several things in mind. First of all, you do not want her husband to become overly suspicious of the gifts that she comes home with. This means that you should not be spending exorbitant amounts of money on one gift. It will be too difficult to explain and he may even become frustrated with the fact that he thinks she spent so much money. It is best to spring for smaller gifts over time, and this will definitely benefit you because it means that you get to spoil her much more often. Meanwhile her husband will be much less suspicious because the gifts are much more explainable. Your budget will benefit from this as well, so it really is a win-win situation all around. Of course, this may vary depending on your mistress and your budget so make sure to analyse the situation carefully before making a decision one way or the other.

Giving Her Gifts That Are Discreet

“Much better choice”

If your mistress is married herself or just does not want people to know she’s seeing someone, you want your choice of gift to be discreet. Finding a woman on the top married women dating sites means that you will always want to err on the side of caution with your choice of present so you can avoid getting her caught by her husband. Giving her a gift that is discreet while still being a good present is one of the best ways to get into your mistress’s good graces. This means that you need to avoid gifts like new perfumes or fancy lingerie, because her husband will definitely notice these things on her person. If you are really tempted to get her lingerie, you should make sure that she only wears it when she is around you and it is stored somewhere away from where she lives. This way, her husband does not have a chance of finding it and becoming suspicious and the fact that he is never seen her wear it.

Giving a gift that is discrete means that you should also avoid buying her large amounts of jewellery or clothing. She will not be able to explain the fact that she suddenly has so many more clothes than she did before and this will quickly put a strain on her marriage as well as your affair. Giving her a gift that is discreet and still flattering to her may be difficult but it is definitely worth going through the extra effort.

Spotting the Women That Want to Hook up in Person and Online

“She is giving clear signs to be approached”

Finding women to hook up with can often be difficult in Scotland, especially when you’re trying to meet women expressly for that purpose. Whether you’re trying to meet women on the Internet or in person at bars or clubs, you might have trouble knowing which women to approach in order to hook up. These women are obviously not going to be holding up a sign to show that they want to hook up, and it’s usually not very easy at all to tell who you should be approaching. This can often make it much more difficult than it needs to be. If you want to learn how to become an online pua, then visit to find the best fling dating sites and amazing tips to pick up women.

Knowing what kind of women you should bother taking the time to talk to can be beneficial when you go out on your attempts to hook up. Remember that not all of these rules will be firm – all women are different, and though we can tell you the trends, it might not always apply to the women that you’re approaching. Having a general idea of what kind of women you can approach in bars and clubs or even on online dating sites will help you have better success with hooking up in general.

Seek out the Women Who Are Dressed to Kill

“Her dress makes her attractive”

Women who want to hook up are almost always going to be dressed in the outfits that they think make them look sexier, and you should be able to spot them in a crowded bar or club right away. This is more difficult to apply to the best Internet fling dating sites, but women will use their best pictures on their dating profiles, which can also be a good thing to look out for. Note that this may not always be the case – some women will dress sexily just because they want to and not because they are looking to hook up, but it is still true often enough for it to be noteworthy.

Seek out the women who look like they’re dressed for action. Short, tight dresses and killer high heels are usually good signs that a woman is looking to hook up. The more skin she exposes and the more cleavage that’s showing, the more likely it is that she wants to go home with someone at the end of the night. On the opposite end of the spectrum, women who are dressed very conservatively are not likely looking to go home with someone to hook up. They’re likely there just to have some drinks or have fun with their friends, so you should probably avoid them unless she’s giving you heavy signals that she wants to spend time with you.

Reading Online Dating Profiles the Right Way

“Read her profile carefully to know more about her”

Women’s online dating profiles can hold clues that can be a big indicator of how much she wants to hook up. Women on top internet fling dating sites should have fairly detailed profiles that will give you a good idea of what she wants out of her interactions on the website. Whether she wants a casual relationship, a serious relationship, or a one night stand, her profile should give you clues as to which she wants. All you have to do is learn to read the clues properly so you can get the maximum benefit out of your online dating searches.

Keep an eye out for how much information is on her profile to begin with. If she seems to be talking a lot about her future plans and what she wants to do with her life, she may be looking for something more serious since she’s trying to include guys in her future. This may not be her intention, but either way it’s usually a better idea to avoid women who spend a lot of their profile talking about future plans.

On the flip side, women who want a more casual relationship are more likely to have details in their profile about their hobbies and how they like to have fun. This may very well be their way of telling guys that they just want to have fun instead of doing anything too serious, so keep an eye out for profiles like that. Of course, a woman may straight up say what she’s looking for in her profile, so make sure to always read a profile before you send a message.

See How She Responds to Heavy Flirtation

If you are somewhat shy, this may be best to attempt online with your fling at your favorite internet dating sites instead of in person at bars or clubs. Check how women respond to heavy flirtation bordering on outright sexual messages. If she brushes you off immediately, you have a fairly good idea that she isn’t interested in a casual fling – or you just came on too strong. Either can be the case, but either way she may not be worth your time and effort. If she seems even mildly interested, chances are that she’s looking for someone to hook up with. This is when you back off slightly so that she doesn’t feel like you’re coming on too strong. Then you can discuss the prospect of hooking up with her and see how she seems to feel about it.

Either way, women who respond negatively to heavy flirtation online or in person are not likely to be looking for a one night stand, or they just lack the sense of humor that will make them worth your while.

Offer to Buy Her a Drink

“Can I buy you a drink?”

This certainly is not foolproof and it may not work all of the time, but oftentimes in Scotland’s bars and clubs women will not let you buy them a drink if they don’t want to hook up. This can even work online to a lesser degree. Try offering to buy a woman a drink in a bar or club and see how she reacts. If she refuses outright, then there are plenty of reasons why, and none of them really point to her wanting to hook up with you. On the slight chance that she’s just playing hard to get and wants to hook up without drinking, you might still want to attempt a conversation with her. However, it’s usually easier to move on to a woman more receptive to your advances. Women who are totally fine with having you buy them a drink might not always want to hook up, but it’s usually a good sign anyway.

Meanwhile, if a woman you meet online seems agreeable to the idea of meeting up at a bar to have a couple of drinks, this is usually a good and clear sign that she has plans to hook up. After all, she could meet up with you in a coffee shop if she just wanted to get to know you, so meeting in a bar is a pretty clear signal almost all of the time.

Of course, the best and easiest way to find out if a woman wants to hook up is to just ask her, but this is easier said than done. Try scoping her out based on these qualifications before deciding to ask her straight up, and make sure she at least seems receptive to you before you do so. Otherwise you may wind up getting a drink thrown in your face, which is something nobody wants to experience.

How to Get Her to Do What You Want for Free

“Everyone wants to watch a free show”

Cam sites can be a tempting option for guys that might not be having the best luck with meeting women in person. You don’t have to go through all the effort of getting all tidied up and you certainly don’t have to try and put on fancy clothes to impress her, since she won’t be seeing you. You get to watch her do what you want and you barely even have to lift a finger. So whether you are too lazy, too shy, or too busy to go out and meet women in person, webcam sites can be a perfect option for you. Obviously, you might want to use a cam site just because it’s easier and you can have a little fun with minimal effort on your part. However, things can get pretty pricy fairly quickly if you aren’t careful. Tipping a cam girl is the easiest way to get her to do what you want, but if you don’t want to spend any money you may think that you will not be able to get her to do anything for you. However, if you play your cards right and you know how to go about it, you can actually get her to do some things for free.

It definitely takes a bit of effort and it may even involve some amount of luck, but it is possible to get girls to do certain things for free. Knowing how to go about it will definitely be beneficial to you. Following these tips on how to get the most out of your live sex cam experience will help you save some money while still getting what you want, or at least some amount of what you want. Remember that there are girls out there that won’t do any amount of camming for free. If that’s the case, obviously you want to find someone else to cam with.

Find the Right Cam Girl to Ask

“Yes! She is giving me a free show”

Asking the right girl is the most important thing. Not all cam girls are going to be as willing to do the same things that others will. If you pick the right girl, she might be willing to do more for free than another girl might be willing to do. While it’s not always obvious right off the bat what kind of girl she might be, you can still test the waters and figure it out fairly easily. If she seems adverse to the idea of doing anything without getting tipped first, this is a fairly good warning sign that she won’t do much for you without getting paid. Test the waters before you decide whether or not to move on. She may just have certain things she doesn’t want to do without getting tipped, but she still might be agreeable to doing some more vanilla acts or strip teases for free. It all depends on what you ask her to do and how you ask her to do it.

Start with Simple Requests

When you want to try and get a cam girl to do something for you for free, you don’t want to bust right out with the biggest and worst request you can think of. She is there to earn money and not for giving away free shows. It will be hard to find free sex shows online. You must lower your expectations or learn what to expect when on a live cam site. Free live streaming is not something, you can expect from cam girls. You cannot just ask her to do free stuff for you. Asking her to shove things into various orifices is not the best way to start. Of course, if you’ve been reading lots of tips on how to use sexy live web camming sites, you have probably been told that you can get a girl to do anything. Sure, this is usually true, but that does not mean you should start out with the big guns right away. If you want her to do things for free, you should start simple. This can make her think that you will be willing to tip her if she just does one thing, which can escalate into doing several things, and soon enough you got an entire show for free and you didn’t even really have to work at it. It’s worth noting that some cam girls might be less gullible or easily persuaded than others, and while she may give you free flash she may not be willing to go any further. In this case it’s usually time to find a different model to spend time with.

See What She’s Willing to Do for Other Guys

You should watch the show and chat for a little while before you make any decisions on what you should ask her to do. See what the other guys ask her to do and see how she responds to it. This should tell you what you can get away with asking her to do and what she will do for free. If she demands tips for even the slightest thing, you know that it’s time to back out and find some other model to spend time and effort on. However, if she seems pretty game to go along with what other guys ask her, then she’s probably going to be more willing to do what you want. She may not do everything you ask, especially if the chat is moving a mile a minute, but she’s probably not going to reject you outright either.

Plus, if you pick a room filled with other guys that are willing to tip her, chances are that you are going to wind up getting a free show anyway. Sure, you don’t get to ask her to do exactly what you want her to do, but you still get to see plenty of the good stuff without having to pay a single cent. Either way, how she responds to her audience is a very good indication of how she will choose to respond to you and your requests, so always pay close attention to this.

Be Polite and Charming in the Chat

One of the best tips you can keep in mind when using live sex cam sites is that you should always be polite to the model. You can get quite a bit of what you want just on the merit of being charming and polite to her. Instead of demanding to see her boobs, you should try to talk to her and have a nice conversation before anything else. This can be difficult to do if the chat is crowded, but it’s still worth a shot to see if she will respond to you. Besides, when it comes time to ask her to do something, she is much more likely to respond to the guy that treated her well.

When you want to ask her to do something, always phrase it as a question instead of a demand. This gives her the chance to say yes or no or tell you that she wants a tip. Making demands doesn’t usually go very far unless everybody in the chat is asking her to do the same thing, so try to be nice about it in the hopes of her caving in and doing what you want. This is a good way to guarantee that you don’t have to pay for a thing, so it’s definitely worth taking the extra effort to be a bit more charming and polite than her average viewer. At the very least, she’ll notice you and appreciate your kindness.

5 Common Mistakes That Bloggers Should Avoid

Many people find blogging as an exciting activity. Blogging is definitely fun because it allows you to talk about the things you love. It can also be rewarding since blogging sites attract advertisers, allowing you to earn money. However, there are some mistakes that you can commit as a new blogger. Most bloggers don’t realize that they been committing these mistakes over and over again. You have to avoid these 5 mistakes if you want advertisers to keep coming.

1. Social media is your friend

Most bloggers think that it is enough to have their own blogging site. This is wrong. You also need to advertise your site to other people so they will come and read whatever content you have on your blog. Social media sites are the best places for you to advertise your blog. You can promote your blog for free and you can also reach out to as many people as you want.

2. Forgetting to invite other bloggers

Blogging should not be done alone. It is difficult to promote what you are writing, especially if you are new to the activity. Try to have an area where guest bloggers can write. Also, you can invite season bloggers to write for your site. You can even ask permission from other bloggers to allow you to post their works on your blog. This will create a domino effect in which other bloggers will promote your blog too.

The Top 5 Worst Blogging Mistakes

The Top 5 Worst Blogging Mistakes

3. Straying away from your niche

Sometimes you get out of your niche especially if you have nothing to write. This happens if you have no background about your niche. As much as possible, try to concentrate on your niche, if you are into food then blog about food. This is a very broad topic and you can certainly talk a lot of things about food.

4. Failure to incorporate SEO

SEO is very important in blogging. It is not necessary for you to be a brilliant writer. You just need the ability to create quality blog posts. Research more about SEO because it will help get your site at the top of searches. Always remember that good content is useless if no one gets to see it.

Blogging Mistakes to Avoid | BrideClick

Blogging Mistakes to Avoid | BrideClick

5. Failure to give comments

Comments are very critical in blogging and maintaining your blog site. Giving out comments to other blog posts will make you appear as an expert. However, you should only give knowledgeable and professional comments. When people see you as an expert, they will visit your site and read your views on certain topics.

Blogging can be very rewarding. It is one way to get paid without exerting too much effort. All you got to do is express what is on your mind. If you avoid these 5 common blogging mistakes, it won’t be so hard to attract advertisers. In no time you’ll start earning from your blog.

Save Your Marriage – Set Effective Communication Rules

Communication is the basic, yet one of the most important factors to keep every relationship in people’s lives. Whether it be a relationship with colleagues, relationship with children, relationship with friends, or relationship in marriages, communication is very vital. When communication breaks down, one’s relationship is in trouble. Here are five communication rules to set in a relationship to keep it from falling apart.

  1. Effective communication in marriages starts with suitable engagement and within a suitable context.

Before you try to discuss things, especially serious matters, make sure that the argument is with full attention from you and from your spouse. Talking about these matters can never be successful if either of you are into some other things, like you on your paper works or your partner is watching television. Never push an issue to be solved in a wrong place and in a wrong time. This can frequently lead to more rage and frustration.

  1. Always follow the appropriate communication etiquette.

Most of the time, the rules you set for business communication and other circumstances are also applicable in your marital communication. Be professional in communicating (just like the way you talk to your boss or clients) by lowering your voices, making an eye contact, speaking in a calm voice, listening intently and seeking clarification properly if there is something that you do not comprehend. Do not accuse, call names, make offensive comments, and most importantly, this is not a blame game. Never blame each other.

Marriage Etiquette

Marriage Etiquette

  1. Agree on what the problems really are.

When you try to resolve things, make sure to agree on what the problems really are about. Talk about it and the problems alone. Most couples aggravate the situation by talking about the past issues or getting the argument into another phase. Do not allow these or you end up with full-blown fights.

  1. Begin arguments with brainstorming of thoughts.

This is actually a great communication rule. Starting your argument and discussions on an optimistic and constructive note can surely prevent communication breakdown. This way, the couples can find better ways to solve the problems without having to squabble; instead, they can talk it over with a bunch of ideas on their table. Two minds are always better.

  1. NEVER be critical when debating matters with your partner.

Being too critical and showing off judgmental behavior and statements do not just offend your partner; it can also make openness difficult to achieve in future talks. When conversing, be it little or serious matters, make sure to always let each other feel that your opinions matter.

 Never, we repeat, never be

Never, we repeat, never be

Applying these five communication rules does not just save your marriage, but it can also guarantee you of a happy and fruitful marital relationship. Keeping the communication open and letting both voices be heard can solve serious issues in just a matter of minutes, and take note – fight free.

Your Abs and You- An Easy Guide to Get Flat Abs for Summer

Bathing suit season is coming into full swing. If you want to look great in those trunks or bikinis, then the first place you have to look is your abs. Just how flat are they? Did they get a little pudgy during the long winter? With just three easy exercises, you can help guide your body back to its godlike form from last year, or even better.

Planking isn’t just a new fad

Lower into a pushup and then rest onto your forearms. This is a plank. Now, the trick here, is to keep your body straight as a board. Do not let your hips fall. Do not let your back sway. Do not arch up. Focus on your abdominals and keep them tense. If you have ever gotten into a fight where they gut-punched you, then pretend you’re expecting that hit and hold it for 60 seconds. If you have trouble holding this position for the full 60 seconds, then hold it for as long as you can, and rest. Put your knee down and let everything relax for a moment, and then hold it again. Doing this for 5-10 reps will lead you on your way to a great tummy.

Since we’re on to planking, let’s work on your side

Side planking is harder as you have to balance as well as work your body. With your legs straight, one foot rested on top of the other, lie on your side resting your weight on your bottom forearm. Keeping your knees and hips off the ground, rest your top hand on your hip and clench your abs for 60 seconds. As with the flat plank, if you have trouble, drop your bottom knee to rest and go back after a moment.

Get abs like an Olympic athlete's

Get abs like an Olympic athlete’s

While you are in the side plank position, and after you have done 5-10 reps on each side and have rested, you should get into that position again. With your hand on your hip, reach that hand up to the sky and twist your body back, keeping your abs engaged. Then, twist inward, tuck your above arm underneath you and reach toward your back. Do this slowly for 5-10 reps.

Crunches aren’t a lost cause

Crunches are and always will be a good way to flatten your abs. However, here are a few variations that you may not know about. First, the diamond crunch. Lie on your back and press the soles of your feet together to form a diamond with your legs and knees. With your fingers at your neck, lift up until your shoulders are completely off the floor and relax back down. Do this for 10-15 reps. When you are done, lift your feet off the floor and do 10-15 more. This is much harder, but with the balance it needs, it works that much better.

Reverse crunches are hard, but they get rid of that little pooch that seems to never want to go away. Lie flat on your back and place your hands palms down beside you. Lift your legs into the air, keeping them straight and then use your abs to lift your butt off the floor and raise your feet toward the ceiling. This will be challenging, and if you need to aim your feet a little toward your head to keep your balance at first, that is fine. The biggest part is to use your abs to lift your butt as far off the ground as you can for 10-15 reps.

7 Day Ab Challenge

7 Day Ab Challenge

With these three simple yet challenging exercises, you should be well underway for a stunning body this summer. Keep it up all year round and see just how much has changed next year compared to how godly your body will look by the end of summer this year. You will be surprised by the difference you can make with just three easy exercises.

Spend Less in Weddings! 3 Ways to Save Money Despite the Wedding Season

Now that the wedding season has arrived again, some of us might be feeling all exuberant about their friends finally tying the knot. But most of us might feel a little worried about how much each of those wedding celebrations will cost us – even when we’re just spectators during the ceremony. Well, you don’t have to feel bad while the couple is having the time of their lives. Manage your finances well and don’t end up being the only one not enjoying the season.

  1. Set a budget and stick to it

When you find yourself in the middle of a wedding mayhem, the best thing you can do is to set an overall budget for the entire wedding season and religiously follow it. Base your budget to your financial status and NEVER go into debt just because of it. Moreover, you should already expect that you may be invited to attend a couple of parties before the actual wedding itself, such as bachelor/bachelorette party, or work or friends showers. Don’t limit yourself and attend while you can. You don’t have to bring fancy gifts each time; just stick to what you can only afford. For sure, the soon-to-be-wed couple will understand.

  1. Form an alliance!

15 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

15 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

Oftentimes, weddings turn out to be unexpected reunions with old friends that you haven’t seen for quite some time. While you’re at it, use this opportunity to agree with them that you go to the wedding together. Because you will be going together, you can share the transportation and even gift-giving expenses with them. For weddings held to some town far away from yours, you can discuss to rent a house together with the group you’re with. It’s amazing how you can really save a lot when you have other people to carry the burden of the expenses with you. Not only that, you won’t miss out all the fun of catching up with them again, too.

  1. Don’t feel bad about not attending

Well, if worse comes to worst that your budget really couldn’t take the cost of another wedding, then don’t attend. Pretty sure your friend who’s getting married will feel worse if you gain more debt just because you’ve attended her wedding. You shouldn’t feel bad not attending all the more if you aren’t that close to the one being married. If it’s not one of your absolute best friends or closest relatives, then you can just politely reject the invitation, if in case you really cannot afford going. Trust me, most brides have had guests not attend their wedding and they will likely to not feel bad at all. Of course, getting married is more overwhelming than anything else.

Wedding business remains strong

Wedding business remains strong

Spend your money wisely this wedding season. Just because one of your friends or relatives is getting married, you can have the excuse of spending all out for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. You may regret doing so when you find yourself buried in debt sooner or later.

Tips in Giving Negative Feedback the Positive Way

Every good and responsible worker would always do his best to achieve his employer’s standards. But we can never deny the fact that even our best could fail sometimes or might not be what’s best for them. You may have encountered one of your employees who are working their hardest just to impress you but it turns out that it’s not what you exactly wanted. And you, not wanting to hurt him find it hard to give a negative feedback.

If you want to keep that person in a good perspective despite the failure, here are ways to give a negative feedback the positive way:

Start with something very good to say

Even if you know that you’re only going to end up saying something that would possibly break the heart of that hardworking person, still keep yourself on the line. Start by saying something positive. You can look at the good sides that were accomplished by that person with the amount of effort that he has put in. Let him know that you appreciate it and that you see his strengths and what he does best. Make sure to highlight that to give that person a good feeling of what he did right even if it wasn’t the best for you.

Ask if you can give an honest feedback

The Best Way to Give Honest Feedback

The Best Way to Give Honest Feedback

It’s always best to ask even if you are the employer. Everyone has the right to say yes or no to anything being asked of them. Show that good employer attitude by asking if you could give them an honest feedback. Usually, the worker would be able to sense that something hitting is coming their way when an employer would say that – so that would give them the signal. Make sure to let him answer yes or no to your question and if he says no, respect it.

Give them tips and ideas on how to do better

It’s always best to give your worker tips and ideas on how to improve their skills and performance whether or not they are open to your honest feedback about them. Let them know what they can do next time in order to make the result of their work live up to your standard. Also make them feel that you value and appreciate their efforts by commending the things that they did right. Encourage your worker on keeping it up and continuing something that he’s already done right.

Give Honest Feedback by Boosting

Give Honest Feedback by Boosting

It’s never hard to give someone a negative feedback if you know how to say it. Like what they say, it’s not about what you’re saying but how you’re actually saying it that makes someone feel hurt or happy about your statement. Apply these tips and you will succeed.